Advantages of Hosting in the Cloud

"The Cloud" is so hot right now but why the gosh-darn-heck should you care? Let's delve into some of the advantages of Cloud Hosting;

  1. Reliability - The Cloud offers a more reliable hosting solution than traditional single-location-based hosting because data and traffic are distributed across the cloud hosting network. If one server fails, the rest fo the network takes up the slack thus reducing the possibility of downtime
  2. Performance - For the same reasons as 'Reliability', distribution of demand means that there's no single choke-point for traffic or reliance on a single piece of hardware to handle whatever demands may arise
  3. Scalability - If the demands on your Intranet, Extranet or Website grow over time, the Cloud can quickly and easily scale to accomodate your business needs without the hassle of having to buying new hardware or migrating data to a different host environment
  4. Cost - Simply put, using a "Public" Cloud saves you the cost of setting up and maintaining hardware as well as the assocated costs of administration. You can pay for what you need, when you need it.

It is important to note that there are different flavours of Cloud hosting to suit a variety of business needs, this includes;

  • Private - This is the more expensive option where a business hosts the Cloud itself, for its own use. This is a more secure option for businesses that need that control over applications and services
  • Public - This is where all hardware, software, applications and services are hosted by a 3rd party. This is less a less secure, but more affordable option.
  • Hybrid - A combination of the above options, using Private Cloud hosting for the important things and Public Cloud for everything else. This can mitigate some of risk aspects of Public without the full cost of a completely Private Cloud.

If you are considering a Cloud solution, drop us a line! We're experienced Cloud navigators who are more than happy to provide you the insight you'll need to make the right move for your business.

Reference: Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform